Question: Does Squier make good guitars?

Squier is better than Fender for beginners and guitarists on a tight budget. You can get a real Strat or Tele for a fraction of the price of a Fender. Even though they may not features the premium specs you will see on the Fender, Squier guitars are still very good for the money.

Do any professionals use Squier?

Hotrod89 Squier-Meister Jeff Healey played them. Dave Murray has played them also. SquierFreak, mechanic1908, Jim Belaye and 4 others like this.

Is Squier a bad brand?

Some players feel that because they are introductory instruments, Squiers must be terrible, even if they have never played one in their lives. And while its true that there are a number of downright awful entry-level guitars that arent worth the wood they are made of, the Squier brand isnt one of them.

Is a Squier Strat any good?

The Stratocaster is a great choice for players just starting out, and provides a comfortable playing feel. It includes a lightweight body, a vintage-style tremolo bridge for classic vibrato effects just like your guitar heros - and three single-coil pickups for that classic Fender Strat tone.

How bad are Squier guitars?

Squiers sound awful. The Squier sound is similar to the Fender sound with a few differences veteran guitar players may pick up on. Squier pickups are a little weaker, and the body materials used do not allow for the richness of tone found in Fenders. For the money, Squier guitars sound just fine.

Is Squier better than Fender now?

Another difference between Fender and Squier is where theyre made. The quality control on Fender guitars generally tends to be better than that of the Squiers. Also, if youre going for an American made Fender, its going to hold its value much better than a Squier made in the Far East.

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