Question: What happened to Jessica in Love Is Blind?

In the end, Jessica couldnt go through with her wedding to Mark. Instead, she walked away from Love Is Blind single, but with a virtual target on her back. But now, it appears Jessica has moved on, as she speaks highly of her new boyfriend in the Love Is Blind: After the Altar special.

Why is Jessica from Love Is Blind the worst?

Jessica is the most hated person from Love Is Blind. Shes been called “intolerable”, “the worst person” a “snake”, an “alcoholic” and told: “she should get therapy”. Her baby voice, her constant drinking and her indecision towards Mark are constantly slammed.

Who does Jessica end up with on Love Is Blind?

Jessica and her new boyfriend, Benjamin McGrath, MD, just celebrated their one year anniversary over the July 4th weekend. She wrote in the caption: One year and Im still reeling ♥️. FYI, McGrath is a foot and ankle surgeon as well as a dad, according to his Instagram bio.

Are Amber and Barnett together?

During the Love Is Blind: After the Altar special, Amber and Barnett confirmed that theyre still together. The special saw Amber and Barnett celebrate their two-year wedding anniversary with a finale party, which also included Lauren and Cameron, the only other married couple from the show.

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