Question: Should I date my exs sister?

Is it bad to date an exs sister?

Its totally ethically and by moral; its definitely gonna heart your sister deeply and silently she may be not gonna tell you that its not ok she is feeling bad about you and her ex. But you should now need to decide that do you love your sister or not ? If you love her dont ever go for that!

When should you give up on an exs hope?

6 Signs Its High Time To Give Up On Getting Your Ex BackYour Ex Is in a Committed Relationship With Someone Else. Your Relationship Had Serious Unsolvable Deal-Breakers. There Was Abuse. You Lack Respect for Each Other. They Dumped You by Disappearing.More items •8 Jul 2016

Should you remain friends with your exs friends?

If you really want to keep some of your exs friends and its OK with them, be direct. You could send one of their friends a message saying you hope that one day youll be able to hang out again – but be respectful. They might need to check in with their friend, your ex, and see if they give their blessing.

How do you thank your exs mom?

When it comes to responding to this kind of text from your exs mom, you can simply say thank you and move on, if thats what makes you feel comfortable. You can also say, Im doing OK, but I miss you, if the situation calls for it.

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