Question: How is the dating culture in China?

According to Chinese culture, things change as soon as you begin dating. Chinese couples love wearing matching outfits and they also have the same group of friends and social circles. Chinese couples are also known to call each other “husband” and “wife” even when they are not married.

What is love in Chinese culture?

In Chinese there no word for “romance.” A popular Internet song in China in 2007 went: Love is like a pile of dung, flush it down and it never comes back. Love is like a pile of dung, once its out it cant be blocked even if you try. Love is like a pile of dung, sometimes its the same sometimes its not.

What is the Chinese name for love?

The Chinese character for “love” is 爱 (ài) and is mostly used to express romantic feelings for another person. 爱 (ài) can mean “love” for your family member, too.

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