Question: Is Dana Brooke dating Ulysses Diaz?

Dana Brooke Reveals She Is Now Engaged to Professional Boxer Ulysses Diaz. Brooke has got her life back on track since then and began dating Ulysses Diaz at the end of 2019 and has now announced that they are engaged to be married.

Who is Dana Brooke engaged?

Dana Brooke has announced her engagement to boxer Ulysses Diaz in a heartwarming Instagram montage. The 32-year-old uploaded a series of photos and videos of Diaz popping the question and the couple celebrating afterward with champagne and a novelty engagement ring balloon.

Is WWE superstar Dana Brooke married?

Dana Brooke announced the very exciting news Tuesday on Instagram that she is engaged to boxer Ulysses Diaz! “My LIFE, My LOVE, My FOREVER…” she said of her pugilistic husband-to-be. “There is no LOVE that feels like yours…

What is Dana Brookes real name?

Ashley Mae Sebera Dana Brooke/Full name

Does Dana Brooke have a sister?

Dana Brooke (Wrestler) Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Biography & MoreBioReal NameAshley Mae SeberaCollege/UniversityKent State UniversityEducational QualificationsA Major in Fashion, Merchandising & Design A Minor in Business AdministrationFamilyFather- Bruce Mother- Robin Brother- Not Known Sister- Not Known29 more rows

Is WWE Dana Brooke pregnant?

Dana Brooke also confirmed her pregnancy on Snapchat by posting a photo in mid-July. But that was removed later as WWE was yet to confirm anything about her pregnancy. In contrast, this latest bikini photo showed carves of Danas body, and no pregnancy sign was spotted.

How much does Dana Brooke weight?

Dana BrookeBilled height5 ft 3 in (160 cm)Billed weight125 lb (57 kg)Billed fromCleveland, OhioTrained byNorman Smiley WWE Performance Center10 more rows

Who has Dana Brooke dated?

Who is WWEs Dana Brookes boyfriend Ulysses Diaz?Dana Brooke has been dating rising boxing star Ulysses Diaz for nearly a year Credit: Instagram.Diaz made a splash Friday when he pulled off a first round KO in just three seconds at Bare Knuckle Championship eventCredit: Instagram.More items •16 Nov 2020

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