Question: What happens if your crush is dating your friend?

What should I do if my crush is dating my friend?

Heres What To Do When Your Crush Likes Your Best FriendAccept their feelings. First things first, you need to come to terms with the fact that your crush does not like you. Be honest with both of them. Set boundaries. Invest time in yourself. Surround yourself with your squad.Jan 10, 2018

Is it OK to have a crush on a friend while in a relationship?

Having a crush on someone other than your partner while youre in a relationship is totally normal. “Crushes make people feel attractive and alive, and people often get them even when they are very committed to their partners, but the relationship is no longer in that swooning honeymoon phase.”

Are exes friends off-limits?

If he is an ex, he might be off-limits as far as your friend is concerned. Off-limits rules are tricky. Some people are territorial about their exes or flings, and some feel that if theyve even glanced in the direction of a person, he/she is forever off-limits to any friends, acquaintances or random pedestrians.

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