Question: How old do you have to be to use Tinder in Romania?

The minimum age requirement for Tinder is 18 years old. If youve been blocked from Tinder because the birthdate you entered on signup signifies that youre under 18 years old, youll remain blocked from the service for the amount of time specified on the login screen.

Does Tinder work in Romania?

Popular the world over, if youre looking to casually date Romanias hottest eligible singles, Tinder is practically a must. In fact, most people who use Tinder live in or nearby large urban areas, and its no different in Romania. In general, only 27% of singles on Tinder live in suburban or rural areas.

Does Tinder allow 16 year olds?

Were happy … Continue reading “Now teenagers have their own version of Tinder” Tinder recently banned teenagers, but that doesnt mean that their swiping days are over. An app called Spotafriend mimics the Tinder experience, but is exclusively available for teenagers between the ages of 13-19.

How old do you have to be for Tinder?

Since Tinder launched in 2012, Tinder users had to be at least 13. Users age 13 to 17 could only match with others in that group. Now, users must be at least 18, TechCrunch reports.

Can you set Tinder for age?

To select the age range in which you see profiles around you, you need to adjust the Show Ages slider at the bottom of the page. Then, use it the same way. You can set the minimum and maximum ages on the slider itself, which ranges between 18 and 55+.

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