Question: What happened to Hoopz?

One of the contestants was Nicole Alexander, or “Hoopz. Another iconic contestant was Tiffany Pollard, or “New York. In fact, New York almost won the first season, but in the end Flav chose Hoopz. Unfortunately, their love was short-lived as they revealed in the reunion episode that they broke up.

Is Shaq still with Hoopz?

Theyve had their share of ups and downs, but it seems the love affair between basketball legend Shaquille ONeal and Fiancée Nicole Hoopz Alexander is finally over. But on Friday Nicole confirmed to the Boston Globe that theyve decided to call it quits.

Does Hoopz have a child?

I dont have kids, so taking care of everybody is my role. One of the main reasons I wanted to do this was to give them a head start in life, and hopefully this will help them get their own deals.

Is Hoopz married to Shaq?

According to MediaTakeOut: This weekend Shaquille ONeal and his fiance Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander ELOPED. A rock solid snitch told that the couple wed on a whim. The insider explained, “There was no planning or anything They just went and got married.

Who has died from Rock of Love?

Kevetta Davis was killed on Friday after her SUV collided with a vehicle driven by a driver for VH1s reality series Rock of Love With Bret Michaels. The 28-year-old driver had apparently fallen asleep, crossed the median on Interstate 57, then colliding with Kevetta and a teammate from SIUs dance team, killing the

What happened to Big Rick from Flavor of Love?

Like former champion Deelishis Chandra Davis, Rick has moved on from Flavor of Love and is flourishing personally and professionally. Big Rick i.e. Ricky B. Head is a shining example of post-reality TV success. Hes fulfilled his dreams without selling out.

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