Question: Is Michael Hussey married?

Are David Hussey and Michael Hussey twins?

David John Hussey (born 15 July 1977) is an Australian cricket coach and former cricketer. Hussey is a right-handed batsman and can also bowl right-arm offbreaks. He is the younger brother of former Australian cricketer Michael Hussey. He was captain of the Melbourne Stars in the Big Bash League.

How old is Michael Hussey?

46 years (May 27, 1975) Michael Hussey/Age

Why did Michael Hussey retire?

Michael Hussey did not reveal his plans to retire at the end of the Australian summer until the week before the Sydney Test match because he feared he would have been summarily dropped from the team had he done so. Crucial to this, Hussey said, was the retention of a settled, stable team.

Why was Mike Hussey called Mr Cricket?

He had once sledged two cricketers and both went on to score big hundreds, so after that day, Hussey decided to keep himself away from verbal wars. Called as Mr. He added that no one wanted to go out there and play, but he showed enthusiasm and that made Flintoff name him Mr. Cricket.

Who is called God of cricket?

God of Cricket Little MasterMaster BlasterSachinTendlya Sachin Tendulkar/Nicknames

How old is Chris Gayle?

41 years (September 21, 1979) Chris Gayle/Age

Who is World No 1 batsman all time?

Ans: As per the stats, Sachin Tendulkar, who has scored the most runs across all formats, can be regarded as the best batsman in the world.

Who is king of IPL?

Virat Kohli It is evident that Virat Kohli remains the undisputed king of IPL when anyone asks who is the ipl king. He is the first batsman to score 600 runs in IPL. The team only played the finals once under his captaincy but never won. Virat is the current cricket captain of India and the best batsman in the world.

Who is T20 God?

Rohit Sharma The New God Of T20 Cricket. His adaptability and dominance atop for India is quite remarkable.

How many kids Chris Gayle has?

Chris Gayle Height, Weight, Age, Wife, Children, Biography, & MoreBio/WikiChildrenSon- None Daughter- BlushParentsFather- Dudley Gayle (Worked as a policeman) Mother- Hazel Gayle (she used to sell peanuts and snacks)Siblings5, including Vanclive Parris, Wayne Gayle (Younger)Favourite Things49 more rows

Who is best bowler in IPL?

IPL 2021: Presenting the top 10 bowlers with the best figures across all editions of the Indian Premier League, thus far.Adam Zampa. Anil Kumble. Ishant Sharma. Lasith Malinga. Ankit Rajpoot. James Faulkner. Ravindra Jadeja. Amit Mishra.More items •6 Apr 2021

Who is the best yorker bowler?

Jasprit Bumrah Jasprit Bumrah In Malingas absence, his spiritual heir in limited-overs cricket, Bumrah, possesses the best yorker today. Like Malinga, Bumrah has honed the hyperextension in his forearm to become a deadly accurate bowler.

Who is the God of bowling?

Sachin Tendulkar. Photo Credit: Twitter. Sachin Tendulkar, the Master Blaster of the Indian cricket team, is also widely regarded as the God of Cricket. The veteran gets a lot of respect not only in India but also abroad.

Who is better Dravid or Sachin?

Sachin Tendulkar has slightly better average to Dravid in more innings he has played and even the difference of centuries and half-centuries is not big from Rahul Dravid. Although Sachin had a good record against teams like Australia and South Africa where Rahul Dravid was having tough times.

Who is Yorker King?

The International Cricket Council shared a video tribute to Sri Lankas yorker King Lasith Malinga after he announced retirement from all forms of cricket.

Is Chris Gayle rich?

According to, Chris Gayle net worth is estimated to be INR 232 crore (approximately US$31 million) as of August 2020. His net worth also constitutes his earnings from several brands like Adda52,, Spartan Sports, Royal Stag and Jio through his endorsement deals.

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