Question: Whats the best way to meet someone in Israel?

How do you meet people in Israel?

Connecting Creatively: How to Meet New People in IsraelNetworking Events. You can meet more internationals and local Israelis at professional networking events.Hebrew Courses. You can meet other internationals while taking Hebrew lessons at Ulpan.Religious Community. Meet-ups. Talk to Strangers.Jun 11, 2018

Is it easy to make friends in Israel?

After climbing 17 ranks in just one year, Israel has become an up-and-coming social haven. Two thirds of expats (66%) claim it is easy to make local friends, while 73% say the same for making new friends in general.

How do I make friends in Israel?

Make Israeli friends in 10 easy stepsCome for the holidays, stay for the argument.Socialize in Hebrew. Let the romance begin. Pick activities that fit YOU! Go out after class. Get active… with Hebrew speakers. Language: You get points for effort. Think like a kid. More items •20 Apr 2012

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