Question: How do matches work on Raya?

Like Tinder, Raya operates on a swipe, match, and message system. From there you can swipe “Yes” or “No.” If both people say, “Yes,” you can text message or video chat within the app. But, matches expire after 10 days if no one bites the first message bullet, and youre only shown a limited amount of profiles per day.

How do Raya referrals work?

Step one obtain a referral from the member that is current Sometimes it’s exactly about who you know, and that’s certainly true for Raya. Area of the application procedure requires ch sing the current member from your contact list to enable them to give a referral.

How long does it take to match on Raya?

It can take anywhere between a day to a few months before a decision is made. And only about eight percent of applicants are accepted, as per The New York Times. The companys founder Daniel Gendelman insisted the app is not for people, that look a certain way or do a certain thing.

Is Raya dating app worth it?

The app feels more exclusive than standard dating apps. The quality of singles is very high. The app is good for dating, meeting friends, and general networking. Users report a high level of success meeting people.

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